DVD to Chromebooks and Tablets – Watch and Play DVD movies on Chromebooks/Tablets on the go

Chromebooks VS. Tablets:

As the market stands right now, tablets overall offer a better total experience. They are smaller, have longer running times, a greater variety of apps for them and just offer better experiences than the current batch of Chromebooks. Having said that, Chromebooks still fill a niche that makes them useful for a number of people. If your primary purpose of getting either a Chromebook or a tablet is for writing while on the go, then the Chromebook with its built-in keyboard and cloud storage support offers a better experience. If you plan to use it mostly for browsing the web, playing games or watching media, then the tablet is still far superior.

Sometimes, you may want to watch DVDs on your Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets, or somewhere else. In that case, you can “rip” that DVD—or turn it into a movie file for playing it wherever you want.

There are many DVD rippers (Reviews) in the market, but not all support ripping DVD to Chromebooks and Tablets. You have to check first whether this DVD ripping software supports your tab/laptops. Then make sure this software is easy to use, especially if you are a freshman. Another vital factor is free upgrade. Please also make sure the software you choose supports and will continue supporting all the latest DVDs and the updated technologies to be applied in your tab. Otherwise, once the DVD copy protection or tablet configuration upgrades, you will be unable to use this software.

Here I recommend Brorsoft DVD Ripper (or Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac ), one of the most prominent DVD copying and ripping programs in the market. The biggest reason is that it can rip DVD to Chromebooks and Tablets H.264 MP4 video format very fast while guaranteeing 100% high-quality output effect. It is the most up-to-date DVD ripper which supports various Chromebooks and Tablets, Home TVs and keeps on free technological upgrade.

Besides, in support of CSS, region codes, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM, etc., this professional DVD ripping software will make you free from the worries of DVD region restriction, copyright and encryption technologies.

Guide: Rip DVD to Chromebooks and Tablets H.264 MP4 for Viewing

1. Add DVD movies to the software

First, load the DVD movies you want to play on Chromebooks and Tablets into the program. As you see, you can either convert the whole DVD or just choose the chapters you want to convert.

Tip: Since regular DVD movies usually have several subtitles like English, French, German, etc. You can click Subtitle to choose the one you need.

2. Choose Chromebooks and Tablets friendly format

Select an compatible format, e.g. H.264 .mp4, since it is compatible with almost any devices and media players.

Basically the “Common Video -> H.264 Video (*.mp4)” is just all right.

3. Start convert DVD files for Chromebooks and Tablets

Finally, click the Convert button to rip video from DVD for viewing on Chromebooks and Tablets.

In a few minutes, you will get the converted movies. And then, connect Chromebooks and Tablets to your PC for transferring DVD movies to it. Now start enjoying your DVD movies with HD quality on Chromebooks and Tablets!

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