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Avidemux is a free video converter that accepts the most common video formats and supports filtering and cutting videos into sections before converting.

The program might be a little hard for some people to use because it’s not just a straightforward video converter where you load the video and choose an output format. However, it does indeed function as a video file converter even though it includes other, advanced options too.

My Thoughts on Avidemux

Avidemux isn’t the easiest video converter program to use because it’s not just a video converter.

However, it does what it’s intended to do even if it may take a little playing around to become familiar with the way things are setup.

This program is a bit more advanced than similar ones, but it enables videos to be converted into common formats, which is always a plus.

To convert a video is as easy as loading it through the File menu, choosing the output format from the left side of the program, and then use the File menu again to save it. The other options can be avoided if you’re not interested in tweaking anything else.

Supported Video File Formats

The video file formats below are what Avidemux supports. If your video is in any of the formats listed in the “Input Formats” section, it means you can load the file into the Avidemux program. The list of file formats in the “Output Formats” section is what you can convert the file to.

For example, you can use Avidemux to convert MP4 to AVI, MKV to MP4, etc.

Input Formats


Output Formats


Like I said above, Avidemux may be difficult for some to use because it doesn’t function solely as a video converter.

There are other programs that might be easier to use, though, like Brorsoft iMedia Converter for Mac (Video Converter Ultimate for windows ), which is a powerful utility that makes it possible to easily rip Blu-Ray or DVD discs to backup the movie collection, or convert videos into various formats.

Appealing and well organized interface

Changing the format of a video file in order to make it playable onto a specific device or across a whole range of hardware or software products is quite common practice, especially because there are numerous dedicated applications available for this job. Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of them and its main purpose is to supply users with all the necessary tools for ripping, editing and encoding movies on the fly.

Loading files from a disc or from a local folder is as simple as it can get and users can work with a plethora of formats for both video and audio streams.

There is also a preview tab for examining the selected video while capturing screenshots is a one click job, thanks to the button placed right beneath this area.

Impressive array of output profiles, with customizable settings

Working with Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate is a breeze and perhaps the only difficulty the users can encounter is in choosing which type of video format to pick for saving the input.

The application supports almost all movie and sound formats in existence and offers a profile manager in which users can even add new entries or edit the existing ones.

In case someone needs to edit the video prior to the conversion, there are some basic tools to carry out this operation quickly and accurately.

Easy to use video ripper and encoder

All things considered, Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate (iMedia Converter for Mac) manages to provide a decent set of features that are well suited for beginners in particular, but can offer advanced users the possibility to tinker with every video and audio setting to personalize the output and make it to their liking.

Rip, backup and edit Blu-ray/DVD/videos with Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate, Tutorial page >>

For Mac users, please turn to iMedia Converter for Mac Tutorial page >>

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