Get BlackBerry KeyOne reviews & tips- Experience the best of the Android phone 2017

Here we share the BlackBerry KeyOne Tech Specs, Video Playback tips with all the BlackBerry KeyOne users for playing HD videos, watching DVD and 1080p Blu-ray movies on BlackBerry KeyOne in HD.

Best Revival – BlackBerry KeyOne

You have to give TCL its due: take one look at the BlackBerry KeyOne, even cradle it in your keyboard-loving hands, and you could easily confuse it for the handiwork of BlackBerry’s own engineers. TCL now has dibs on the BlackBerry brand, but the KeyOne plays so closely to the old RIM rulebook that it’s tough to imagine fans not being won over. That’s even with it running Android.

No, its Snapdragon 625 processor isn’t the fastest around, but it should deliver the sterling battery life BlackBerry fans of old expect. Most importantly, the keyboard feels right at home to RIM-trained fingertips. The KeyOne probably isn’t going to do much to expand BlackBerry’s fanbase, but die-hards will be ecstatic.

Key Features

*Snapdragon 625 CPU
*Physical Smart Keyboard
*4.5-inch LCD,3:2 aspect ratio screen
*3505mAh battery
*Android 7.1 Nougat OS
*12-megapixel rear camera with a Sony IMX378 camera sensor and 8-megapixel front
*USB Type C
*KeyOne release date: April 2017
*Manufacturer: BlackBerry
*Review Price: £499.00

BlackBerry KEYone video playback tips:

Video Playback Formats: divx, mp4, xvid

Audio Formats: FLAC, MP3, WAV


Up front is a 4.5in display running at a 3:2 aspect ratio, which feels a little odd by common smartphone standards. While it looks good, it certainly takes a little getting used to a screen of this shape.

From the above listed media formats of the BlackBerry KEYone , you’ll be a little disappointed due to its limited supported video formats, which will be a big obstacle for watching HD videos/movies on it. Well, don’t worry. Get the tips here.

Tip 1:Play HD videos, TV shows on BlackBerry KEYone

To play HD videos like MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MTS, M2TS, MOV, MPEG, TV shows TiVo on BlackBerry KEYone, you can get the best BlackBerry KeyOne Video Converter Ultimate to change the video format to get rid of the video format limit problem.

Tip 2: Get DVD movies on BlackBerry KeyOne
To watch DVD movies on BlackBerry KeyOne, you need to rip and convert DVD to BlackBerry KeyOne playable format (eg.mp4) first since the tablet has no DVD drive. We recommend you the top DVD to BlackBerry KeyOne Converter to help you to rip and reformat DVD movies to BlackBerry KeyOne with the perfect output video quality.

Tip 3: Put Blu-ray movies onto BlackBerry KeyOne
If you are wondering if it’s possible to put your 1080p Blu-ray movies onto your BlackBerry KeyOne, you can be confirmed that it’s possible. Just get the highly recommended Blu-ray to BlackBerry KeyOne Converter to convert and compress Blu-ray movies to a BlackBerry KeyOne friendly format. Then, you will have great movie enjoyment.

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