Use a USB Flash Drive to Store Digital Copies of DVD in 3 ways

USB flash drives (a.k.a., USB memory sticks or USB thumb drives) are very inexpensive, common storage devices; you can even regularly find them given away for free as promotional items. Even though they’re cheap and ubiquitous, though, don’t overlook the power of these little storage devices — they can be highly useful tools for always having important documents and program settings on hand.

For most DVD movie collectors, some of them may have the confusion if is it possible to play DVD content via USB flash drive. The answer is positive. I have tried 3 ways to copy DVD to USB Flash Drive with ease.

Method 1: Directly Copy DVD to USB
For unprotected DVD content, we could directly copy source DVD content and then paste it to target USB drive, as long as USB drive gets enough space. Copy and paste is the most direct and easiest solution to copy DVD to USB drive.

Method 2: Copy DVD to USB Hard Drive with 3rd-party DVD Copy Software free
Besides direct copy-and-paste solution to copy DVD to USB hard drive, you could still make use of free or commercial DVD to USB copy software to accomplish DVD to USB drive copying. i just use the tool- MakeMKV.

MakeMKV was a pretty good solution for me. It ripped dvds in about 20 minutes and ouput them in MKV format. I can’t play MKV files without a converter. I couldn’t get VLC to work on my system, and I didn’t want to have to find another product to convert MKV files or play MKV files.

Method 3: Rip DVD to Digital Videos for USB Flash Drive
In this way , i just used the tool called Brorsoft DVD Ripper,which allows me to copy a DVD to my USB Flash drive with two or three clicks. It can help you rip DVD movies to USB flash drive supported MP4, AVI, MOV, etc, so that you can play your DVD files through USB flash drive without any limitations! What’s more, this program comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to edit DVD movies by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, etc. If you are using a Mac, you can go to DVD Ripper for Mac. Now download this tool and follow the instructions to convert DVD to digital videos for USB Flash Drive.

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If you not only wanna convert DVD videos, but also intend to convert Blu-ray or HD Videos such as 4K XAVC/XAVC-S, MXF, MTS, MKV, WMV, MOV, M4V, AVI movies to USB Flash Drive, the all-in-one tool, Brorsoft’s Video Converter Ultimate (or iMedia Converter for Mac) will be your first and best choice.

Guide: Best way to make digital copies of DVD to Store on USB

1. Get the DVD source

Load the DVD into your Mac and launch the Mac DVD Ripper. The software needs you to select your video source. Navigate to your DVD and select it. Now it should appear on the left pane. Meanwhile, you can select your desired subtitle and audio track.

2. Choose output format

USB flash drive supports storing almost all kinds of video formats. However, when linked to a device for playing, the video file should of the format accepted by the device, for example, a smart TV, a computer and a desktop. So you are required to figure out the exact input video formats supported by the device you are to play the DVD files with. Generally, MP4 is recommended since it has wide acceptance, good video quality and small file size.

Tip: With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original Blu-ray while also saving space. Simply click Settings bar and you can tweak the video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc.

3. Start ripping DVD

Click convert button to start converting DVD movies for USB Flash Drive. After conversion completes, press “Open” to locate resulted files. Now, you can play DVD contents through USB Flash Drive without any troubles. Enjoy.

Also, you can get Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper, which is not only a Blu-ray Ripper, but also work well with DVDs, just like the Blu-ray Player can work with DVD disc well.

The Difference Between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Whether you choose a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 depends in part on the device you are transferring from and the port you use. Confirm which speed your computer or other device supports before buying a USB drive. If your equipment supports USB 3.0, buy that speed drive. Its transfer rate is 10 times faster than the speed of a USB 2.0 drive.